How To Slice Every Fruit

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Enhance Your Culinary Skills and Cut Fruits Like a Pro

Sharpening your knives is an essential step before beginning any cutting or slicing task in the kitchen. A dull knife not only makes the task more difficult but it can also be dangerous.

Chef Frank Proto of the Culinary Education Institute is here to guide you through a comprehensive class on cutting fruits of various sizes, textures, and hardness levels.

In this class, Chef Proto will demonstrate various techniques for peeling, dicing, hammering, and slicing different types of fruits.

You'll learn how to effectively prepare your fruits for cooking or presentation purposes with ease and precision.

With Chef Proto's expert guidance and simple tips, you'll be cutting fruits like a professional in no time.

This class is a must-attend for anyone who wants to elevate their kitchen skills and enhance their culinary experience. So, grab your knives and pay close attention, the class is about to start!

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Slice Fruit


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