Clam Chowder 2 Ways

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Indulge in Clam Chowder 2 Ways: New England vs. Manhattan

Who says you have to choose between New England clam chowder and Manhattan clam chowder? In our culinary world, there's plenty of room on the table for both, and we're here to celebrate the deliciousness of each!

New England clam chowder is a creamy, comforting classic that warms the soul with every spoonful. Bursting with tender clams, potatoes, and smoky bacon, it's like a warm hug on a chilly day.

The rich, velvety texture of the broth paired with the subtle sweetness of the clams creates a symphony of flavors that's simply irresistible.

On the other hand, Manhattan clam chowder offers a vibrant, tomato-based alternative that's equally delightful.

Packed with fresh vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, and celery, this tangy concoction is a refreshing departure from its creamier counterpart.

The briny goodness of the clams shines through, complemented by the bright acidity of the tomatoes and the earthy notes of the vegetables.

Whether you're craving a taste of the coast or a hearty bowl of comfort, both versions of clam chowder have their own unique appeal.

And the best part? You don't have to choose sides. Embrace the diversity of flavors and enjoy them both!

So why not whip up a batch of New England clam chowder for a cozy night in, then switch things up with a zesty bowl of Manhattan clam chowder for a refreshing change of pace?

Your taste buds will thank you for the variety, and you'll never have to argue over which one's best again.

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Source: Brian Lagerstrom

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